Thursday, January 2, 2014

Saint Laurent - Tribute croc-effect leather sandals

Hello all the readers,

I am really apologize for being out for quite long time because I was busy with study and doing some stuffs. I hope that you guys have a great time when I am not posting something and still stay on checking the blog. 

Now, I am introducing to you guys this beautiful and georgeous heels from Saint Laurent - Tribute croc-effect leather sandals. It is so good for all people with all ages. When you get this shoes, you could wear it to work, hang out with freinds, party and all the other events. It is so good and stunning when you combine this shoes with your dress or casual stuffs. You will never regret when you decide to get this pair because it could be used for quite long term period because its natural color and the design is not too complicated. The heels itself looks simple but when you wear it, it will sing by itself to your shoes. My suggestion is get this pair of shoes now because you will never regret on it. Moreover, it is now on the top trending model for this season.



Saturday, May 4, 2013

Tod's - Suede Penny Loafers

Are you still a fan of bright color? And need a flat shoes with a bit of heels to fit your outfit? This new model from Tod's will suit to you. This Suede Penny Loafers help you to look more cute to match with your casual dress to go out with your friends. This shoes have more colour that you can check it out on the web! When you like dark color it has blue or brown color as well. This is a perfect match when you want to go around to have coffee or hang out with your friends and you don't want to wear a heels or a real flat shoes and need a bit of heels on your shoes. This shoes will help you to feel different to the other with its two-tone-color and model! Challenge your self to be different with this shoes and be a trend setter to your surround. Get your pair now and start to be different ;)


Patricia Herlambang

Sunday, April 28, 2013


Hi all readers,

Have you guys ever tried to buy givenchy shoes? Try this new model from Givenchy - Weave Printed Leather Sandal. This shoes would suit to you when you want to wear this shoes with your jeans for casual hangout with your friends. It also suits to someone who like to take long walk using the heels. It would be a comfortable shoes because the heels are not too high and it would be very convinient to wear as well. Moreover, this shoes has a classic color for black and white that will match to color of your tops. Try to get one of this pair of shoes! Start your look today.


Patricia Herlambang

Giuseppe Zanotti - Fire Wings

Hi everyone,

I am apologize that I haven't posted anything lately. I was so busy on doing my project and it was a bit frustrating on finishing my final semester project. However, here I give you guys my preview on this Giuseppe Zanotti shoes. It is called "Fire Wings"  heels. What I love about this shoes is the design on the heels that looks like a fire and it would be stunning when you wear this pair of shoes to the party. It would be a perfect match when you wear this shoes with your elegant sack dress for a party. There are no limitation on what color of sack dress that are you going to wear to match with this shoes. This shoes really suit to someone who like to have a party and dare to be different to the other people. I bet when you wear this pair of shoes, every eyes would stare on you and look how gorgeous are you wearing this perfect heels on your feet. Do not be afraid of wearing something different! Dare to be different people! Get yours now and start to make everyone jealous on what you wear!


Patricia Herlambang 

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Burberry Prorsum - Silk-Satin Wedge Pumps

This Burberry Prorsum might be the shoes you are dream on. This would suits to a career woman who wants to look stylish. It would be great because the color is pretty nautral and the heels are with wedges that make you convenient on walking. Moreover, it wouldn't make you hard to walk. That is the reason that make you confident on working and meet your work mates or client because you will look stylish and stunning on you. Grab it now and wear it now!!!!


Patricia Herlambang

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


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Are you a big fan of Miu Miu? It would be great if you get this two-tone boxcalf sling-back pumps. The color of this pump are very easy to be matched to all your outfit. This shoes is going to be the best shoes of the day when you go to hang out with friends because the heels are not to high and the colors are not so bright. This model of the shoes suits to every outfit that have a feminine style. Not only that, there are no diamond on the shoes that suits to you when you don't want to wear something too eye catching. Be aware that people might get jealous when you wear this shoes!


Patricia Herlambang

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Tory Burch - Daria Snake-Effect Leather Loafers

Do you love loafers shoes? When you feel that you won't to spend so much money this month for a shoes, this Tory Burch shoes will fit to your budget. According to, this shoes may suit with your skinny jeans or ladylike dress. The red colour of the shoes keeps you feel young and easy to get match with any color of the outfit. This shoes is very convenient for you when you are tired to wear any heels on a daily use. Not only that, with the price that is not too high it would be the best choice for you to get it now!!! Get it now before it is too late and start mix and match now!

Hey all the readers, for these 3 days ahead I probably won't be able to keep you update with this blog. As soon as I get an internet connection, I would get into the blog again and keep you updated! Stay tuned! :)


Patricia Herlambang

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