Thursday, February 21, 2013

Charlotte Olympia - Graca Pumps

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You might think that what brand is this shoes from. I was wondering that as well and I found that it is from the Charlotte Olympia. This may be different than the usual Charlotte Olympia model that you saw on the street when people wear Charlotte Olympia's Shoes. It is unique than the other shoes because it has a parrot inside each heels. It look strange but it is very cute. The heels of the shoes is not very high and it would be great for you guys to wear this shoes. You won't be struggling to walk when you wear this shoes. Not only that, people surrounds you might think that the shoes are unique and might wondering what brand is the shoes from. They can be jealous of you when you get a pair of this cute shoes. Moreover, you can be the trendsetter of wearing the different design from the usual Charlotte Olympia Shoes! The color of the shoes will match to most color of the outfit whether it is going to be dark or light color. However, I don't think that this shoes will match to you when you want to go to a formal party because I don't think that it fits with any formal dresses. It fits when you wear to go to work and for casual day to hang out with friends. If you feel you are the one who want to be the trendsetter, get this one and start show off to you people surrounds you!