Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Prada - Blue Pump

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Prada's bags which are the Saffiano Models are very popular at the moment to all the ages. This new shoes are the best match with the same color of the Saffiano bag from Prada. It is not only blue color that available in some different colors.  According to the description on the This shoes got 110 mm height of the heels and the sole made of leather. It will suit to your outfit when you are going on jeans or dresses. When you wear this pump shoes and the Saffiano bag with the same color, everyone will be attracted because you will look stunning on it. Moreover, choosing this blue color is the best choice because it looks natural and it suits to you when you get bored on the same black and white color. This color is also the perfect match to any occasions when you have any events. When you are not in the mood of matching the color of your bag and shoes, you can mix the other color of the saffiano bag with this blue pumps shoes from Prada. Grab it now! Just check it out on the nearest Prada Store around you!