Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tod's - Gummino Leather Mocassin Loafer

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Tod's started to launch the shoes since last year. This shoes become more and more popular because they always launch more and more unique color every season. This shoes is very convenient to used for women and men. It has a lot of colors avaliable on stores. If you want something simple and easy to match with your shoes, the one color shoes like the blue one is recommended for you. It is also avaliable with two colors combined on the shoes, it suits with some colors of the outfit that you choose like the one in the top of the shoes. You can combine this kind of shoes with any shorts and 7/8 pants. It may suit to you when you wear work-suit And skirt but it depends on the color you choose. It would be more fun when you want to have a date with your boyfriend and have the same style of the shoes with your peers. Start to choose your own color of the shoes now! Match the shoes with what you wear! Have fun on mix and match your outfit and shoes!