Friday, February 22, 2013

Yves Saint Laurent - Mirror Heel

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You might be a fan of Yves Saint Laurent brand and just get a bag from them. It's time for you to get this Mirror Heels to start your look today to be different. This Mirror Heels, I think is the first idea to start a trend of mirror on the heels. It is different than the previous shoes that just have a normal black color on the heels. This heels might match to you when you are going to a formal party with your work mates or meeting with your clients. This shoes suit to a career woman who wants to look different on their look during their work and their events. It is a perfect match with your work-suit because the colors on the shoes are easy to get match with your suit. You can get one of them now from! Get them and start to have a different look when you work! Happy working!

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