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Valentino -The Rockstud

This new shoes has been produced by Valentino for this season. This style has its own uniqueness by using studs as the new trend for this season. This style of shoes become more and more popular after it is launched to their stores. The design brings out the women feminineness and trendiness. Some women like to dressed up feminine with the normal shoes, like black flat shoes and just a normal working shoes to work, and women may get bored with their appearance to work or feminine style. Wearing this new season from Valentino will help them to be more confident on their appearance with different kind of shoes using studs.

Flingback Pink Color
Flingback on Pink
Flingback on Black

The first model of the design is Flingback Design, it is fit to the people who like a bit higher heels and does not have a lot of straps. It looks simpler and suits to women who wants to look feminine on a birthday party or dinner with friends or peers. It will look awesome to your foot when you combine with your simple short dress or tops and skirt. Not only that, Valentino offers you with another color of the shoes on this model if you think that this color might be too bright on your foot. When you want to use bright color on your  dress you can combine it with the black color of this type of the studs heels. Another bright color can also be combined with the pink color. That would help you to look more colorful. Black color is more neutral when you combine on using any color. However, the pink color might works on some color of your dresses because pink color sometimes does work with some other bright color of the dresses and it also works with the black or white color of the dresses. Valentino offers more color when you check out to the web on official Valentino Webstore

Higher Heels for Flickback on Pink

The second model of the design is called the same as the Flingback Design. It has the same name called flingback. However, It has different model because it has the shorter heels with more straps. People might think that the previous design is to high for the to be used on party or dinner with peers. They might think that the design is too simple for the to be used on their feet. They need something different with the same design that can catch other's eyes to look on your shoes. This shoes would suits to you because it has the needs that you want. the more straps that it has, it helps others eyes to look on what you are wearing. This flingback design will help you to look more than feminine and classy. It helps you to look more trendy by combining this shoes with dresses that you are going to wear on a party and dinner. It will help you on your convenient when you walk through stairs because the heels are not too high. It suits to you who wants to go on a party when you need to stand or walk a lot and you still want to look gorgeous on what you wear on your shoes. Match your dress with this models on party and you will be more than happy to get more on this pair of shoes! 

Short Flingback on Pink
The third model of the design still called Flingback Design. It has a small heels that will helps you to walk easier than using the previous two heels. It suits to people who want to wear this pair of shoes on their office, work or hangout with friends on cafe. This shoes can suit to your jeans, dress, work-suit and any other casual outfit. It will look stunning on your shoes when you combine with your dark color jeans and it is also good for a woman who wants to start to learn on getting used wearing high heels. They need to start to you the short heels first on this model. After 3 months of getting used on using this model of heels, you can move to the other height of the heels which is higher than this one. 
Ballerina on Pink

This model might be the model that most people wanted to buy. This model called Ballerina Design. It is simple and it can be wear everywhere you want to go. If you want to travelling to overseas and planning to have a simple but stylish outfit, you can choose this shoes to accompany you to travel and have a casual day out with friends. Not only that, it suits to people who wants to have a casual outfit combined stud's flat shoes with short, jeans, skirt and dress. You can wear anything you want and combine your outfit with this shoes. It has range variety of color that you can choose from the web store. 

Another Ballerina in Pink
This is another style of Ballerina Design. It has more straps like the Flingback Design. This is used the same as the first ballerina design. However, by adding the more straps on the flat shoes, it helps the shoes to look more stylist and unique. It also can be combined with any outfit that you want to wear when you are going to have a casual day out.

Start choosing which design you like and combine your shoes with your own style!
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