Thursday, February 21, 2013


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This is one of the Salvatore Ferragamo. I know basically that Salvatore Ferragamo has already launched a lot shoes' design under their name and having a ribbon in the middle of the shoes. Usually they got just a classic color on red, black and some more classic colors, it was just like a normal shoes and you might be boring on that kind of color. Salvatore Ferragamo has launched the new design by using the flower print on the shoes and not only that they choose the silver color as the color of the shoes. This shoes has no heels, it is very convenient when you want to wear this shoes on party or daily use. This color suits when you want to go on a party but you are very lazy to get any heels on standing party. Not only that, the shoes look so cute when you wear that on your feet and when you combine that with a clutch that full with swarovski sparkling diamond, it will look stunning with your dress. Moreover, this shoes suit to any ages who want to wear this on their feet. This shoes can be bought from You can visit their website now and get a pair for you to go on a party!

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